We don't like him, we really, really don't like him!

“Angus has been doing surveys since 1979 and he’s never seen a result this low for a premier.”–Angus Reid Public Opinions vice president Mario Canseco, with the reviews of the latest political numbers for Premier Gordon Campbell.

With less than two weeks until the Premier takes to the Provinces’ airwaves to deliver his state of the province chat, Gordon Campbell is going to have to dig deep to find something positive from the latest public opinion poll in British Columbia.

In the most recent survey conducted by the well known Canadian polling group and released on Friday, the Premier had but a 9 per cent approval rating. Leaving 91 per cent of British Columbians to find less than warm and fuzzy feelings about the man who has led the province since 2001.

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Wow! Heh, very low approval rating indeed! :smile:

As Bill Vander Zalm said years ago (long before he restored his own tarnished image) “People don’t like Gordon Campbell. They don’t know why. They just don’t like him.” At least now they have some reasons.

Yet another reason we don’t like Campbell is because he’s spending taxpayer money to convince us that the HST is really good for us. As far as I’m concerned this is not only illegal but also immoral.

At 9 per cent, you get the feeling that even some of his own immediate family may be parking their votes!

in other news BC has a 9% rate of stupidity. Not bad for a bunch of stoners I suppose.

Unfortunately BC voters seem to have a short memory. Captain Gordo shrewdly introduced the HST right after the 2009 election, banking on the fact that by the time 2013 rolls around people will forget his deception. The is the best opportunity for the NDP to bring about positive change in BC.

It’s the permanent sneer. Even less likeable than a permanent phoney grin.