Water mishap

The cruise ship causing a bit of action down at Atlin this afternoon, when they turned towards tie up a bit too fast it seems and the flipped this nice boat which was beside the dock I believe. Lots of action.

WELL, Cruise ship may not be leaving on time, Cause the case of the smaller boat flipping was that when the cruise ship pulled in, the twin turbines on the ship Blew up, Making a massive wave and flipped the boat that had people in it! cops were dispatched to lend a hand as well as coastguard!
Awesome Picture!

I heard it hit a tanker.

The cruise ship hit a tanker?  Or the 20-footer?

From CFTK: cftktv.com/news/565/972565

"A local man is lucky to be alive after his boat sank in Prince Rupert’s harbor this afternoon.  The man had docked his 20 foot charter boat when waves ceated by the arriving cruiseship, caused it to rock so violently, it tipped over.  The man couldn’t jump off the boat fast enough and ended up rolling under the water along with the boat.  He held his breath and rolled under the dock, until he was pulled out of the water unharmed. His boat wasn’t so lucky,it sank.  No one was harmed and the incident is currently under investigation. "

Anyone know who owns the boat?  Which charter operator?

Typical, we were hearing that the boat was under the ship! Rumours were flying around our office like crazy, some causes were drunkeness, the fog and the captain of the ship messed up.haha, Gotta love Prince Rumours.
Glad to hear everyone is alright.

By looking at the awesome photo that Justin Case shot, it doesn’t appear it sank either and we saw the fella speaking with our own George Baker and he was fine but a tad waterlogged, to say the least… The cruiseship did appear do be docking at a somewhat faster speed today though…

anyone know who he was or what boat it was ?

the boat was towed by one of the yellow boats, it did not totally sink.

I hope it was one of the Alberta or Terrace charter operators and not a legitimate “Local” operator.


  That’s pretty crass.  That boat owner could have been severely hurt for gods’ sake.  What does it matter where he comes from?

  That’s pretty crass.  That boat owner could have been severely hurt for gods’ sake.  What does it matter where he comes from?
IMHO the charter operators who do not reside in PR are parasites, they extract money from this community and leave little behind.
I understand from some of the local operators, some of the out of town operators  don’t even buy fuel here, I agree,if he had got hurt it would have been tragic and possibly a crime, no one should be injured trying to make a living.[/quote]

George Baker Selection’s story on the incident, from the Prince George Citizen website:

[quote]Charter boat operator Howard Massecar was sunk dock-side by a massive swell on Thursday.
The operator of the Howard F “Twoâ€[/quote]