Watch your speed

New speeding regulations are coming into effect this month. If you’re caught speeding in excess of 40 kilometres above the posted limit there are harsh new penalties.

New speeding penalties

Ouch , that would sure screw up a persons wallet . But then again why rush when you know that you will be getting there with a dollar in your pocket.

I wonder if there is a large enough holding pen in Vanderhoof?

Which is where this law will be applied. For not slowing down fast enough or for speeding up in those stupid empty areas like around Decker Lake that are vaguely posted as 60 zones.
Or best of all here in the Fort where you can drive all the way from Murray Ridge without seeing the 60 sign.
Stupid piggy crash grab fraudulently passed off as cracking down on street racers that once again will fool those people who can be fooled EVERY time.
And flies in the face of an Ontario judge who rules their law was to prevent street racing, not to punish some Granny who made a mistake as harshly as the law could be applied.
Give people with any authority a new law and they’ll abuse it every chance they can get. Witness Corrections Canada sticking to its guns that *a thesaurus in NOT a textbook * just to fuck over a prisoner, the High school that forced a girl to change outside in the Parking lot to enforce their stupid dress code. Two examples in just one day.
And I’m sure every single person here can tell of personal experiences where something being enforces because they can instead of because it was the right thing to do.