Warner Music Group (WMG) Makes YouTube pull audio off 1000's of Videos

This is the email I got today.

Dear *******,

Your video may have content that is owned or licensed by WMG.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches,

Same thing happened to me a few months ago.  :frowning:

ya me too 2 videos muted…lol

This does ??? :confused:

They’re being so “legit” lately that videos that don’t even have sensitive content on are being muted…

It happened to one of my videos stating “Your video has copyrighted content from ******* and has been muted”

the amusing thing is, my video didn’t have any audio at all :smiley:

I muted the audio stream :stuck_out_tongue: