War gaming - Simulations and Paintball

My picks for top games are:

  1. Falcon 3
  2. Harpoon
  3. Strike Eagle 3
  4. War Inc.
  5. Z
  6. Sudden Strike
  7. WW II Fighters
  8. WW II Tank Commander
  9. T72: Balkens on Fire
  10. Silent Service 2

and my top pick for a paintball gun:

  1. Sheridan Kp-3 Lever Action Rifle ---->


anyone playing games local? other than Sundays at 11:00 by Bobs on the Rocks…

and does anyone have an old school gun they wanna sell? Im looking for a PM-1, a Kp-3, or nelspot…thanks…

War gamez…

My favs.

  1. Bush vs Saddam 1
  2. Bush vs Saddam 2k
  3. Bush vs Bush : The Kramer vs Kramer SE
  4. War of the Worlds Part 5
  5. Canada Invades USA : Southpark Style