Wanted: Washer & Dryer

Family of 6 Will be moving into an apartment soon, we’re looking for a good working washer and dryer at a reasonable price please :smiley:

Sears has some decent sales on right now and seem to be the best prices by far. We’re in the market for a high efficiency washer right now so there is less load on our septic system and have looked literally everywhere. I don’t know what your budget is but you should probably post that.

Thanks for the info, I’m not looking to spend a lot, for now a second hand washer and dryer will have to do until we are all seatled in with our move to Prince Rupert…please if anyone has or knows of anyone that has any to sell for a nice low price :smiley:

Welcome to Prince Rupert

I have dryer if you need one

Thank you :smile: How much you want for the dryer?

[quote=“crip75”]Welcome to Prince Rupert

I have dryer if you need one[/quote]

Thank you :smile: how much you want for the dryer?

Still Looking for a washer and dryer at a low reasonable price, please of anyone has any we can get let me know ASAP it cost to much to do laundry at laundry mat :frowning:

post on facebook garage sales

I have a free dryer if you want it as we are just replacing our old set. Washer is toast. Dryer works fine. Actually, still using dryer until new ones arrive. Call 250-624-4458 if interested.

I have a Washer & Dryer in EUC for $300 for the pair, barely used as they’ve been in storage in PR.