Wanted Used Satellite Receiver

Former Star Choice now Shaw…NOT THE DISH. Just the receivers…and must be willing to get serial numbers before purchase to make sure no money is owed.
PM me .


Last bump i promise…

got few old ones laying around .from way back when it was star choice.when they first got to town year or years ago

philly32 came you pm me the details

Got a couple lying around. Not sure what type they are. Does it matter ?

as long as they are starchoice…oh yeah and they do not have any money owed on them…LOL
How much for them both,do they have remotes?

Nope there not starchoice sorry about that

thxs for looking

You might have to argue your way past the CSR to activate them. The neighbour got some BS they won’t activate ‘old non HD’ receivers anymore. She was stupid enough to call and tell them she was moving and they cut it off. Next day she was 3 blocks away and they wouldn’t turn it on again.

i recently moved into a place & there were two starchoice hd receivers in the carport. the previous tenant said they were there when she moved in, obviously there is money owed. anyways, we’re not using them and they are still in the carport. no remotes

Sounds like a hard time activating them, how much?
no remotes? PLEASE TELL ME FREE …

you can have them if you still want them

YESSSS i want them lemme know i have pm’d you my phone number thanks…