WANTED: Second-hand lifejackets

I’m looking for unwanted lifejackets that are still in decent condition - they’re not for commercial use, just for a bunch of friends and family that are coming to visit and I need extra lifejackets for them all while there here. I’d be willing to pay for them, but if you’ve got some to give away that would be even better!

I would suggest you be cautious with older life jackets…they do have expiry dates. Hope your visitors have a fantastic time and with any luck at all, maybe it will be ‘sunny Prince Rupert’.

Check crappy tire. You can get cheap lifejackets for about 20.00 a piece or cheaper if they are on sale.

Yep, someone else actually mentioned Cdn Tire earlier today, and if all else fails, we’ll probably go that route. You know me though, always looking to put those 3Rs into use. :slight_smile: