WANTED: Driver, housekeeper

We are looking to hire someone for a job that requires driving crews and performing housekeeping duties similar to working in a hotel/motel. The individual needs to have a full valid Class 5 drivers, with a clean driving record. They need to be able to pass an RCMP check. As well the job is a 10 minute drive out of town so the individual would need a ride to and from the job site. At this time the position is only casual, but may work into more in the future. Please send your resume to jim@jordanfamily.ca

This job is still available with a minimum 20 hours work per week available with more to come. Please call 250-622-7050 anytime and leave a message if I am unable to answer. Or send an email to jim@jordanfamily.ca

So is this union ?
Sounds like the CN flunky job