Wanted: Coroplast

Now that election time is over, can someone please let me recycle their coroplast signs?

I have guinea pigs and use the corrugated plastic for their cages.

google.ca/search?q=c%2Bc%20c … 80&bih=628 (to see what I’m doing)

I made a run like that back when we had some little piggies. I actually had to purchase my coroplast from homehardware though. There was no election at that time.

Yeah, I have a cage already, and I bought my stuff from a sign store. But I’m hoping to build some more levels, and thought it would be a good time to get some stuff for (hopefully) free.

Call the elections offices maybe?

I know that the campaign office I was associated with doesn’t discard their signs; but stores them for the next election. The signs are fairly pricey so would think other offices probably save them too. Perhaps check with Stuck On and Jim West Signs and ask if they would save scraps or damaged pieces for you.

Thanks for that info, but what about for the people who aren’t planning on running again? And what about people who put them on their own lawns?

Mission accomplished!!! Got some slightly damaged signs that will work just great! I can always use more though, so if anyone still has some, please contact me!