Want to move to Prince Rupert

I have been thinking of moving to P R from Calgary (people here think I’m crazy and just may be I am!).

I’d appreciate any info on job prospects. I’m a graphic designer here in Calgary but I’ll work at almost anything.

Also where’s the best place to buy a house? I’m not one of those so called “rich” calgarians, just an average salary earner with an average home. I’m a single mom with a teenage daughter. Which one of the high school comes with the highest recommendations?

I’d much appreciate any info or help you can give me. Thank you

I moved from calgary to rupert a year and a half ago and let me tell you, there are a few things you will need to get adjusted to, and quick. First, BC’s health care is on par with that of Bolivia.  Uncle Ralph has the hook up.  Second, it rains a lot up there, if you don’t mind the rain, you’ll be fine.  Now, the good news, the people are awesome, the place is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and there is no traffic problems.  I had a blast up there, and would reccomend it to anybody, but again, it does rain alot so be prepared.    When you get there, go hit up Rain Dining Lounge, the place is killer, it will remind you of alot of places in Calgary, but it’s better.  oh, and stay away from bogies

[quote=“rollins”] …oh, and stay away from bogeys

And Raffles, and the Moby Dick, and Chasers…

lock up your daughter

First of all thank you to rollins.

Secondly, I write to this forum hoping that there would be people on here wanting to share info on Prince Rupert. Apart from the “thank you” that I gave above does nobody out there give a shit. It’s sad when the only person who could be bothered is themselves a transplanted Calgarian :frowning:

I wasn’t asking for anything much just a little info to assist me in making the move. I’m told the people are awesome in Prince Rupert, helpful and friendly…well guys you seem a sad, sorry bunch to me. I apologise for wasting your time.

WOW!!! I’m not saying your skitso, but you sure did change your ring tone fast.

I used to live in Alberta, but in Sherwood Park. you should make the change cause her you will be safe, no major earth shattering quakes, Tsunami’s, MURDER, Hurricanes or any other natural disasters in this area.  That’s why we call this GOD’s Country.  :wink:

Prince Rupert is just starting out, thanks for the New Port beign built, we will be on the World Map very soon.  WE HAVE TIM HORTONS for Gods Sake.  LOL!!! But for real, this place rocks, the unemployment is kinda low right now, but that is due to stupid decisions made in this area, not to mention the fishing industry is on a plunge right now cause of the warm temp.

At least you will not be boiling in 40 degrees each summer.  AND THE SOCKEYE and SPRING Salmon are to die for.  The surrounding neighbors, Native Villages are so helpful in giving, so natural resource food is great!

For houses to rent or buy, you will not have any trouble I think.  There are alot of nice areas in Rupert to live.

Actually… most of us have said the same repetative things on this forum many times, that someone should have directed you to the same “moving to Rupert” or “what is there to do in Rupert” threads we already have on here.




Those are just the start… all found with the handy-dandy SEARCH function at the top of the page.  All you do is type in “Rupert” and tons of threads will come up with info you can search for.

The fact that the thread became dormant, didn’t help your case at all… if you had come back in and requested more info, you would have got more info.

Thank you to the people that did give me some help in the end.

I guess I thought people would like bragging about their home town. I didn’t realize that you guys felt it was a chore.

The administrator of this forum knows his biz about Graphics Design. Charles Hays Secondary school is probably the recommended high school for your kid, too. What that had to do with my first order of business was that the administrator of this forum works there.

The person who commented on the rain, well, there’s one thing about the rain in P-dot (some people call it that, do any of you?). After a month of constant rain (at least 4 or 5 days of rain a week, but usually a week of constant rain should be expected) you will get used to it.

This isn’t the kind of rain you get in Calgary, and believe me, when I visited there I liked it, it was refreshing like a shower. It is usually about 5 degrees centigrade during the rainy times (the Summer season rain temperature), but in the winter, freezing rain can occur at about -1 to 3 degrees centigrade.

To the Northeast a bit, is a world attraction; the Great Bear Sanctuary. In that area, is the most dense concentration of Grizzlies in such a small area in the world.

Wildlife sightseeing is an attraction in Rupert as well. Once in a while, a fish migration occurs in the river (The Skeena River), and Eagles will fly around in packs it seems.

If you happen to want to visit the next city, which is Terrace, B.C, you can drive up the Yellowhead Highway. Now this, Calgarian visitor/mover, is a sight to behold. Many of us Rupertites are pretty used to the sights offered in that highway, but you will love it. On both sides of the highway is a unique visage. To the right of the highway (driving to Terrace from Rupert) is the Skeena river. Your left, of course, has tall and robust mountains. Some of those mountains actually happen to be Dormant (or otherwise) volcanoes. On the sunny days (When this highway is most attractive), you can expect to see the Wildlife that lives in the area.

Wow, I made a long, but hopefully informative post.


oh and make sure if you are going to Terrace, to bring all your extra garbage and old appliances with you…in fact, ask the neighbors if they have anything that needs to be dropped off…then drive down Lazelle Ave, and chuck everything on the street, it will make the place look better. 

Either high school is fine but, if your child is into the performing arts, especially theatre, try to live on the west side because then she’ll go to PRSS, which has a great drama program. East side kids have to go to CHSS; that’s just the way it is.

The health care isn’t nearly as bad as Rollins said.

And Rain is okay but the Crest Hotel lounge is the place to hang. More spacious, good food (generally), good service and, most importantly, the best view in town. When you’re on that deck on a summer night overlooking the harbour, you’ll know exactly why so many people stay here.

Good luck, BritGirl.

The whole CHSS / PRSS thing has been done to death on this forum, so we don’t like to re-hash it over and over again.

Let’s just say that both schools have different strengths.  It doesn’t matter what part of town you live in, you can attend whichever school you’d like.  There are no boundaries anymore, I don’t believe. 

A bit of trivia:  this website had its start in an IT class at CHSS.

My dad says that if you’re into computers and technology, then you should go to CHSS. They have wireless, more computers and a lot of kids bring their own laptops. PRSS computers never work, and my dad says most of the teachers are not computer literate at PRSS.

Of course, my Dad went to PRSS, so what does that saya bout him?

Chss just lucked out and hire’d the guy who posted above you. I am not sure who the it guy at prss is or if they even have one?

Chances are, that when your dad went to PRSS, it was the only highschool in town, so he had no choice but to go there.  We won’t hold him accountable for any bad decision on his part.

BritGirl dont these guys get you down they only represent a small portion of the population. There are lot of good people in town but there is a high level of apathy due to several factors.

Rupert offers a good quality of life lots of room to move and as close to nature as you can get. There is a certain wildness to the place and area that you will not find anywhere.

Prince Rupert is in a rainforest which does obviously get alot of rain which some find hard at times but when the sun does shine the beauty of the place is without question.

There is no traffic…takes you ten minutes to drive across town. There is a strong community feel with people looking out for one another.

Prince Rupert is rebounding from devasting economic downfall so at the moment it is lacking in stores and other amenities. On the plus side it has a very good swimming pool there is a civic centre for sports.

If you love the water Rupert will be what you are looking for kayaking/canoeing fishing diving etc.

If there is specific questions about Rupert that you have feel free to ask


Well, two new members, Britgirl and pgboy, want to move to Rupert.  Good for them. 

Prince Rupert as I remember it:
Great scenery. 
Good fishing. 
Not far from pretty good skiing. 
Rains a lot but boy is it ever nice when the sun’s out. 
A lot of people weren’t born there so it has a very diverse population.  You won’t feel like an outsider too often.
Some racial tensions arise occasionnally but the community is still a better model for multi-ethnic integration than many other places.
Great place for kids but they spend a lot of time indoors because of the rain.  I’m not so sure about the teenage scene because of the drinking/party culture.
Lots of deer.
Great, resilient people who, despite economic hardship, are still mostly positive about the future. 
But way too much speculation on the future.  The term “Prince Rumours” is for real.
Two good high schools ( screw the Fraser Prostitutes’ crappy report).
Too much basketball politics. 
Cow Bay Café is the best dining experience there.  La Cucina is nice too.  Some other “popular” places are way overrated.
Home of htmf.

Prince Rupert:  Good place to live.

Happy living!

Yeah, Yeah,  I still miss it after a year. 

Lots for youth todo in P.R.: drink at Rushbrooke, drink at Wantage, drink at rock quarry. Drink at person’s house who’s parents went out of town. Drink at bar if old enough.

And when it’s raining? Drink in undercover at nearest Elementary school, or drink in bar if old enough.

Yeah i agree, no traffic and 10 min to get anywhere, just watch out for are wicked intergrated saftey unit.

Gotta love um!

what are the collages/ universities like up there??? i want to move up there but i probably wont be able to do it until after four years of collage down here. id like to be a linguistics/ history professor (yeah, yeah…i havent decided yet). is a phd required???