Walmart carts situation

I’m pretty surprised not to see any post about it here but “what’s the deeeaaal” with Walmart getting rid of almost all their carts? Every time I go shopping, all the carts are gone and I usually just turn away and order online (if possible) since there is no way in hell I can carry more than 2 items at a time (and I usually need way more than that).

I was told by a Walmart employee that the City said they can only keep 15 since some people used the carts to break and enter surrounding businesses? Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I hope I was being pranked into believing such a thing. Or perhaps we should ban hammers, crow bars, screw drivers and toothpicks?

Have you ever tried to carry cat litter bags, toilet paper, diapers and wipes? It’s either that or wait 20 minutes for a cart to come back…

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Lol using carts to break and enter ? That’s a new one … how the heck is anyone supposed to do any serious shopping without a cart

Perhaps you could pick one up in the overgrown lot next to where the Inlander Hotel once stood.

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No matter what the explanation is, shopping in a big surface store like Walmart with no cart is ridiculous. I saw a construction guy push 10 big plastic storage containers on the floor to the cashier. He looked happy to say the least haha

I thought about it but I have no idea how to use them to break and enter

I guess you would carry your loot on your back?

A while ago I noticed that Walmart and the grocery stores had removed the coin/chain/lock system from the carts. Initially I questioned their sanity, but then realized it probably made little different. Cheaper to eliminate the locks.

Was just at Walmart and a couple of elderly ladies were furious! There were no carts, not a one. By the time the assistant manager brought a couple in, they had left saying “No carts, no shopping!” I went to check out, only one till open and the cashier was not at it, she was talking to another employee in the aisle behind until a customer yelled at her! I was 3rd in line and several behind me and still only one till open! I rarely shop at Walmart and this just convinced me to never shop there. What happened to customer service??

FFS you’re at WalMart. You go there for cheap shit, and you want great customer service too?
At best, pick any two.


This falls on the lack of supervision. Cashiers wouldn’t be chatting instead of working if they were properly supervised.

First they must be properly trained.

Assuming they can be.

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Doesn’t matter to me anyways. I order online on their website and get free delivery for purchases of 50$+ so that’s what I do now. Crazy how you can buy 60 lbs of stuff worth 100$ and get that delivered for free…

I went to the customer service desk a few weeks sgo to inquire about this issue. The supervisor told me that the city picks up abandoned carts and charges storage fees which have to be paid by the store in order to get them back. She said because this store is so small, they don’t have local authorization to do this so they are waiting for corporate to rectify the situation.
Now, the cause. It’s the lowlifes who STEAL these carts to use them for whatever. If it was up to me, I would arrest every last one of them the minute their first footstep was off of store property. It has always boggled my mind how this can carry on with no consequences. I asked a supermarket manager a few years ago how they put up with the obvious money loss this creates. He told me the company factors this expense into their food prices, so in essence, the rest of us law abiding customers pay for this theft not the store.

When Walmart removed their fitting rooms, I again inquired why this was done so. Their answer was that ‘customers’ were leaving all sorts of trash including used diapers in them after changing them and items were being stolen as well.

There are many times I witness sections of the store in a mess after ‘people’ have left products strewn everywhere (footwear). There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for the aforementioned theft and disgusting shopping habits.

Moral ethics and good habits are present in people of all income levels. Unfornutely, the opposite is also true.


Update: carts are present in the store once again. I asked an employee about that and he informed me that they got them back from the bottle depot. Sure enuff, as we were driving out of the parking lot, we witnessed a bottle scrounger coming up the street with a half full Walmart cart.

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