VOTE PR - Ultimate Fishing Town!

Deadline: May 3rd. Help Prince Rupert win ULTIMATE FISHING TOWN with a prize of $25,000!! VOTE, upload pictures and videos! Prince Rupert is an awesome city for fishing, lets show them.

See the link for info:

We are far behind, time to start voting. Once per e-mail. Pass on the info :smile:

You can vote up to 4 times a day, in EACH time block listed below. Every vote counts :smile: vote as many times as you can in a day. Pass the word on please!

Voting Times Blocks YOU can vote each time: (Our time)

Block 1 3:01 AM – 9:00 AM

Block 2 9:01 AM – 3:00 PM

Block 3 3:01 PM - 9:00 PM

Block 4 9:01 PM – 3:00 AM

Wish I had known about this sooner. The deadline for nominations was April 8th! No more nomination information can be uploaded or pictures. I would have had some good pictures too, as would other people I’m sure! We’ll we can still try - please vote Prince Rupert.

We are way behind on the votes but let’s not let that stop us. We all know that we are better than Terrace, Port Hardy, Port Renfrew etc etc. It’s very simple to vote, especially after the initial vote. Vote once in each time block if you can. Port Hardy has a voting station set up in a Tackle shop. People can come in and vote, an email is sent for verification to their email address. After the initial vote has been verified anyone can vote using the verified email. Sooooo, I’m quite sure that they have a staff member doing just that. Doing the voting for other people!! At any rate let’s do our best to at least beat Terrace!!!

VOTE! Vote! - we are over 300 now. You can vote 4 times a day! Get family and friends to sign up and verifiy their e-mails. Then you can vote for them after that :smile: Apparently a fishing store in one town is doing it. Let’s get going PR - get everyone with a e-mail you know to vote!

Is to bad this information wasnt given to us when we could have put forward nominations. We have 1 nomination that is right out of Ajay U, while the other top contenders have many more understandable nominations such as Port Renfrew with 145 nominations.

I agree, wish I knew sooner, I would have done nomination too, but we can still try! We don’t have all the nominations, but PR has the heart to make it happen. Tell all your contacts. It doesn’t cost anything buy a few minutes of your time in the day. Offer to do it for others, once they’ve verified their e-mails. Voting is fast after the first one. Please Please REMEMBER to VERIFY the first vote/e-mail

Let’s make this happen people, if you know someone that does not have the time to keep on voting (4 times a day) offer to vote for them while you are casting your own votes. Once the initial vote has been validated via e-mail, you can vote using their name and e-mail. Port Hardy and Port Renfrew are both using this as a way to accumulate multiple votes. Both of these Places have over 3,000 votes, we have just over 300… We can do this. As of today Prince Rupert is in 6th Place in the Western Region, “not too pretty bad” another 600 votes and we’ll be riding Terrace’s a$$. So go on, you can do it VOTE select Prince Rupert and follow the steps provided

Seems like this is something our Tourism Prince Rupert guy should have known about and gave us information and a chance to participate weeks ago.

They probably didnt know about it. I dont expect them to spend their days surfing the internet for contests, I’m sure they have more important things to do.

I found about about this a few days ago - since then I’ve been voting at least once a day.

Everybody do the same. We have to beat Terrace!!! :smile:

Yeah guess he is super busy doing something

I think we have enough voting to do in the next few months.

Looks like round 1 ends in 2 weeks and the top 20 make the next round. We are currently in 17th with only a 70 cushion lead on falling out of the top 20. If we know when the next round starts at least we can be respectable next round. Seems like there is a facebook page for the contest at I am guessing some of the charter guys are getting their clients to vote for them.

Ok, we passed Athabasca,AB - now keep voting. Get everyones e-mails registered. We are going to need all votes. Go Prince Rupert!

Prince Rupert Rocks, Let’s show the rest of Canada !!! We can get more votes if we all pull together and commit to this. If you are voting four times a day for each e-mail that will make a big difference. You can cast a vote for your friends and family if they are too busy to vote for themselves. All you need is the initial email confirmation then it’s all up to you to cast as many votes as possible within each 6 hour time slot. Make a difference, Vote, vote, and then vote again!! I am voting 8 times every 6 hours, using the e-mails of friends that are too busy to vote for themselves. You can do this too…It only takes a few minutes of your time.

Reminder: VOTE! :smile: We can easily move up the board from 17th place, if people take a few minutes of their time. You can vote on behalf of others if they give you their e-mail address. We are only a few votes from passing the next town…let’s do it!

“The little Town that could”…we are now in 16th place. (We just passed Dryden, ON and Nain, NL) Terrace is in 11th place. Keep voting. If you haven’t voted yet tonight, vote before 9 p.m. and again after 9:01 pm. Make your votes count - Thank You!

Vote everybody, it’s really quite easy to do. Prince Rupert needs something positive to breathe a little life into us all!!!

Prince Rupert is currently 5th in Western Region, Terrace 4th. Prince Rupert people need to really start participating. We can still be in the final round, we can be the wild card that wins.


How does WFN determine which towns make it to the final round of voting?

The top three (3) towns from each region (The North, Western Canada, Eastern Canada and Central Canada) with the highest number of votes received during the first round of voting will automatically advance to the final voting round. WFN will select an additional eight (8) wild card towns to make the top twenty (20).

What is a wild card?

The top three (3) towns from each region will advance to the final round of voting, which will determine the top twelve (12) towns, leaving eight (8) spots remaining in the top twenty (20). WFN will then select 8 additional towns from any region based on originality, persuasiveness, energy, the nature of the community organization or Cause identified in the Entry and the number of on-line votes received. Once chosen the 8 “wild card” entries will complete the top 20.

We are at 773 votes - lets go people. It’s after 9 p.m. - vote :smile: … verified=1