Vote for Mckay Street Park


Prince Rupert’s Mckay Street park in one of the finalists to win 100,000 makeover.

You can vote once a day using Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email. Each count as one so you can cast 4 votes per day.


This is such an easy thing for all of us to do. The first couple of times it takes a couple of minutes to prove you are not a robot but once you have done that it takes seconds to vote up to four times each day. We have a great chance at being successful.


And you can vote multiple times in one day!
Use your Facebook, google account and every email account. Let’s go Prince Rupert show your love in our great little community.


We should try to encourage more people to vote. And to vote every day, we are only three thousand votes ahead of the other park.


Thanks for the reminder. Just voted multiple times. :slight_smile:


With my personal email. Work email and my iCloud email I never use. I can vote 7 times a day


Keep on voting please. We are still in the lead but others are getting closer.


Voted multiple times.


Keep up the voting. our lead is still only 3000 votes and when it comes to the end there will be a voting rush. the bigger lead we can get now the better. Tell your friends


Voted multiple times again today. :slight_smile:


I have found if you vote on an ipad or mobile device the Capatcha thing does not make you click pictures to prove your a human. I can do all the voting in less then 5 min


Please keep voting everyday. Bouchie Lake Elementary is getting closer.


I’m putting in my 5 votes a day. :slight_smile:


The total number of people voting must not be changing much as we seem to always stay around 3000 votes ahead. I hope that’s enough for the final push


Ok ok, I voted. Let’s make this field great again.


We need to get the word out more, 2nd place is getting closer. Would be sad to lead all the way and then lose at the end.


Please keep the votes coming and pass it on to your friends. Every vote counts


We are only 2000 votes ahead. Please get the word out and vote everyday.


Now we are just over 1100 ahead.


We are ahead 2069 votes now over 2nd place - need to keep pushing!