Vote for Frank Slubowski


Keep voting every day…8366 today!


With Frank at 8440 votes watch out for Drew LeBlanc at 8322 votes and Wayne Simpson at 8312 votes. It’s a race for third place.


8563…thanks for voting every day, fans!


Looks like Frank is getting close to being past, I voted his 8600 vote and we need to start up again to keep him in 3 rd place to move on to the next round voting ends march 10. Come on Prince Rupert!


Frank is now in 5th place.


9048 today and in 6th place. Got to keep voting fans, move Frank higher on the list.


Keep the votes coming…9182…got to keep Frank in the top 10 until March 10 then goes to the next round of voting.


The Northern View isn’t helping…there has been no coverage, when there is its negative…why would they dwell on the fact Frank is in 6th place instead of focusing on the fact that he has been nominated for such a prestigious award. Do us all a favour Shaun quit!! Frank deserves our support, not your negativity.


The Northern View doesn’t have to cover anything on Frank do they :smile:


9467…come on fans, only 2 more days to keep him in the top 10.

#71 … bow_4.html


Looks like Frank will make the top 10. See the link above an interesting recap of his accomplishments.


The Northern Connector had a blurb about Frank in Fridays paper, which has a higher distribution market than the View, and it was Shawn Thomas who wrote the article.


Today is the last day for this round of voting. Frank is a little more than 300 votes shy of 10,000. Lets try and hit that target. Everyone vote!!

#75 … k_slubow_4.

Like Shaun said we have to keep the support going…round 2 March 21st


Thanks Shaun for the latest stats…he had a good year.


What happened to Frank? He had enough points to be in the top 10 the last day of voting as he was #6. I guess the fix is in. … ey-phase-2


[quote=“Soggy”]What happened to Frank? He had enough points to be in the top 10 the last day of voting as he was #6. I guess the fix is in. … ey-phase-2[/quote]

Didn’t make the final ten nominees, his team also bowed out of the NCAA playoffs last week. … d-his.html

Still, he had a pretty good run this year.


Slubowski stared every game for the University of Western Michigan Broncos, finishing with a 19-11-8 record, a 2.00 goals against average and a .918 save percentage.

He wasn’t staring…he was looking intensely. Good job Shawn.