Voice of Reason

No idea if this is true or not, but I think it’s funny either way.  The email I received it in said it was taken September 28, 2008 - I haven’t found proof that it was or was not actually done.

It is remarkable how during times of national crisis there is always one person who speaks above the din to voice in simple terms what all Americans feel.

It’s called the The Voice of Reason.

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Americans (and all of us) are PISSED at the bail-outs. Specially when you read things like the top execs at AIG spent $320,000 on a spa retreat days after they were bailed out.
I’m surprised that some haven’t been pushed out the window by mobs!

There is an interesting series of articles on opinion250.com by Peter Ewart regarding the bailouts:
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Yeah, when I read about the executives going to the spa (spending $320,000) I just shook my head.  Outrageous. :imp: