VMedia providing ISP/Cable in June?

vmedia.ca/internet/british-c … vider.aspx

vmedia.ca/TV/british-columbi … vider.aspx

VMedia’s website claims that they’ll start providing internet and cable in June.


Is this for real?

Both of those links are worded like my last Nigerian
banker’s e mail!

My Telus is work fine for all the people.

Vmedia’s an IPTV provider, been around back east for a little while. Your Internet/tv/phone delivered by DSL over existing copper.
So whoever owns the copper leases it to Vmedia. If you cut off your existing POTS phone service, be prepared to pay extra for the use of Dark (or Dry) DSL. Don’t know what it is there, but last year it cost an extra $20 a month to have someone else’s DSL if you had no Telus landline.
You’re also at the mercy of a company with no one in your town to do actual service work. They’ll contract it out and you’ll wait. And wait. And wait.
I used to be a DSL reseller and the biggest gripe after I sold out was from customers who missed that local call for service and support. And they were only calling to Prince George, not Toronto.
-being a reseller, if you can’t get 15 or 25 or 50Mb now, you won’t get it from them either. No matter what they say, they can’t make the lines go faster than they do now. They’ll say they can and will because they’re referring to some inaccurate map, take your money and you’ll be fucked.
And you tv will be delivered over the net like NetFlix. Enjoy the spinning circle…

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