Vista Disk drive code 39 [Resolved]


Okay. So, Not yesterday but Wednesday, I found my disk drive not working. I have an  intel inspiron 1420, brand new. Got it for Christmas. Whenever I put a CD in, or anything like that it doesn’t show up in the “my computer” area. I’ve tried googling searches, but I don’t understand. Could someone de-confuse. Unconfuse? Whichever for me. Please.
Thank you.

Edit: I just thought this might be important. In the ‘device manager’ space there is a little triangle with a ! mark and it says: HL-DT-ST DVD± RW GSA-T11N ATA Device.
Edit: Called Dell, waited for about Five minutes, with the crappy music and all and then Wala! They talked, I talked we communicated. I told them info, they told me they had no idea what the problem was, the guy did some magic and took over the computer and then it was fixed! =]

Call dell, sounds like you got a bunk drive. Or the driver is missing. Shoulda bought a mac.

I’ve had bad disks on Macs too.

Call Dell, they’ll fix it for you.

CDs-DVDs don’t use drivers. It’s your motherboards IDE driver that see’s it that’s whacked.
Uninstall it and reboot. That will probably fix it.