Virus or just a problem?

My scanner keeps finding a Java/Open Stream and is identifying it as a virus. I have “cleaned” and “fixed” the problem every day for a week, and it keeps showing up. Any ideas how to get rid of it or fix it properly?

You should probably find out what the ‘virus’ is called and google it.

Norton’s ‘worm protection’ is usually disable don my machine becuase it constantly asks if I want to allow programs to run… If I click ‘yes’ or ‘yes, always’, then don’t ask :wink: sometimes programs like that caus emore trouble than they fix.

What you might try doing is turning OFF your system restore (through your control panel) and run a recent version of your anti-virus program. Upon completion, re-enable your system restore. I’ve had a similar problem which bug kept reappearing and it was because system restore kept that little bugger. Disabling the system restore and running an antivirus scan tossed the bug into orbit and has never returned even AFTER re-enabling my system restore.