Virtualizing Windows and Linux on M3 MacBook

Here’s a quick little video of virtualizing Windows 11, as well as Ubuntu and Lubuntu on my new MacBook Pro M3.

Works great in VMware Fusion. I’m really surprised at how well it shares the RAM. Check the RAM usage on the htop window. Each of these VMs has 4GBs of RAM assigned. But since they’re not really using it all, VMware shares it nicely.

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Now I gotta figure out why that Lubuntu VM won’t scale properly when resized.

So these are all ARM versions of these OSes, including the ARM version of Windows. Runs fast, though. Which I’m surprised by, especially if running an Intel binary (like Firefox) inside ARM Windows.

Also, as you can see from the photo, I’m running Plex, and Microsoft Teams, and a few other things too at the same time. Not to mention Safari and other stuff running. If you view the original video in full screen, watch the htop screen on the top left.

This is crazy efficient.

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That unit is a beast!!! :slight_smile:

Jealous. Even though laptop screens getting too small to see.

Here I’ve got KDE Plasma running on a Pi 4. Runs great but still having trouble with TrueNAS, rejects my username. I have a choice of sessions upon login, the backdrop is from my Amiga-fied Raspian install.

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I’ve got a variety of VMs installed on my main Debian 12 work station, it’s a Dell Optiplex 9020 i7 CPU @3.20 GHz with 32 GB RAM. My latest VM is LMDE 6 (Linux Mint Debian Edition). So far it seems to only come with the Cinnamon DE.

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Was in Costco Prince George yesterday,
Good luck selling that M1 Macbook for $2700 guys.