Virtualization solutions

I run mostly Debian and Slackware. Lately Virtualbox is not working for me. I’m looking for some free virtualization applications that you enjoy using.
Thanks for any and all replies.

I use Vmware Esxi, but it runs on its own server. There are free licenses available.

Same with VMware workstation and Vmware fusion, you can get free licenses, I think.

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Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions, MiG. I looked at those suggestions, also tried virt-manager, and then I took some time and actually RTFM on how to install virtualbox on Debian 10.
I installed Arch with plasma in virtualbox on Debian 10.


Did a bare metal install of Arch Linux this morning on my Dell Optiplex 9020; it has an i7 CPU @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM and a 470 GB SSD. It’s running well with KDE-plasma.


I use VirtualBox on my big Windows machine, and do all my Linux tryouts on the Pi now. Just pop in another SD card or too small USB stick and install. 8GBs works fine. Tried a USB3 250SSD on it and spent a week making a Catalina styled Ubuntu Mate I like but rarely use.
She’s been off on sick leave 5 weeks, need reasons to hide in the computer room…