Violence in Video games, movies, music

Im getting really sick of old people thinking violence in Video Games and Movies are the cuase for kids shooting other kids, or killing people.

Ive killed probly pretty close to a million things in my video game life.
Ive used guns, lazer guns, machine guns, guns of the future, hand guns, axes, swords, knifes, bare fist, karate, claws, clubs, bats, sticks, dynamite, yoga flames, fireballs, magic, I have even killed things by jumping on them.

I have been doing this all my life in video games. I have no urge to try this in real life

I could even get in to movies, say hostel. I have no need to cut someones eye out now.

I think parents should stop blamin video games and movies, and start looking at there parenting skills.
Kids shoot kids cuase there parents have a loaded weapon in there house, not cuase they played Doom III

Yep, you got that right. Its not the video game or tv. Its in the person’s genes, like overweight people for example (not making fun or anything like that); its just that a study was done on overweight ppl, the ones that are having a hard time are missing some sort of gene.

Personally, MUSIC sets me off. :open_mouth: Also, it gives you a good rush when your spilling blood or watching body part hit the walls and floors.

I’m waiting for a “Hostil” video game.

Uh, no, being a killer is not simply in the person’s genes. There are several factors, including socialization, and media, including video games are a part of that.

I agree that video games and violent movies and angry rap music, by themselves, do not create violent teenagers, but they do contribute to the desensitization of them, especially the games that don’t simply shoot their targets but go further and commit sadistic acts after the target has been incapacitated.

:smiley: I have house of the dead one two and three, my god I love shooting zombies. so much bloody body parts, So many things to kill. :smiley: My light guns i have are cool…Ohhh i think some kids are more pron to be violent, You know there are tests that they do for when you join the police, theres a few questions Like
Have you ever wanted to kill someone one ?
Have you ever thought about Suiside ?

if you say no to those types of questions you are lying becouse everyone has thought about it some time in there life. butnot everyone acts on it.

any who I love gore, when I know its not real but I hate to see real people suffer. Like when I was an ambulance attended, i saw many things that would make a person have night mares for weeks.

movies, music, tv, wresling, boxing, dont make you voilent, but they can make you more aggresive, you just dont go out a put a cap in that ass or punch out the guy next to you, or kick drop your friend.