Video Editing Question

I want to take 1 second clips of video with the audio.  Is it easier to do everything I need to do in one video and split it in 20,  one second vids cutting out all that crap I don’t need? or take 5 second clips of each video and edit them to 1 second vids?

Whats a good visual video/audio clipping program that I would use for this?

Reason why is I want to do this

the best and easiest program would be apple’s new imovie 08
it has a real cool new way of skimming through video footage and making clips of any length

for the pc

adobe premier

or microsof~1 movie maker (if you are desperate)

umm, update your windows movie maker to lastest one and use that. you can upload movies and cut them into parts fractions of a second and you wont have to bother with downloading new programs and end up with a crappy “Free-Trail” that will only let you do 10% of what you want done and only for 30 days or whatever