Vicious Dogs: What its REALLY all about

Is this protest on 4th really about vicious dogs or
bigger breeds of intimidating looking dogs?


At the heart of the argument is,
Drug Dealers and Drug Dealers who
train intimidating looking dogs
to be Vicious to protect them and their drugs.

Shouldn’t we be focusing on 'The Drug Dealer’
and not the ‘Dogs’.

Its has nothing to do with the Dogs. Its all
about Drug Dealers and how out of hand
Drugs are in this small town.

If they are successful in banning certain breeds
of dogs we are still left with the big problem… the drug dealer…

and its only a matter of time before he finds something
to fill that gap that his dogs filled…  like…

-Vicious border collies???
-Vicious Cats!! they got tigers in vancouver!

The problem is the Drug Dealers
NOT the tools they use to intimidate us with.

so now people are scared of ickle dwug dealers?
what are they doing with their dogs… cornering you on the street and forcing you to buy their product?
i mean honestly. this is all getting out of hand.
“lets blame the dogs” “no wait its not the dogs its the druggies in town”

how bout we put it into a better perspective than that


the whole world isnt out to get you!

bubbasteve735 obviously does not know the
details of the protest on 4th. it was common
knowledge that the dog owner was a drug dealer.
When the dog owner came to the protest
the people made it clear that they knew he
was a drug dealer and told them they dont
want him on their street and they want
his dogs put down.

I dont want drug dealers living next door to me…
where there is drugs, there is crime…

thats a proven fact…

the drug dealers know this fact and thats why
they get big dogs and train them to me mean.

the root of the problem therefor is the drug dealer
and people like bubbasteve735 who keep them in

oh, and maybe your advice


the whole world isnt out to get you!"

is better said to the drug dealers who feel the need
to get big dogs and train them to me mean.

i dont support drug dealers…

i just think its none of your buisness what that person does.
how do YOU know hes a drug dealer?
if you have such a big problem with it get the police involved.
report him as a drug dealer…

and FYI i read the paper every night…

The cops know 233 on 4th deals, runs the Tatoo shop that does not tatoo, and picks his stock once a month from the Hells Angels surrogate in Prince George. They’ve known it for years.

Yea I always laugh when I walk by that Tattoo parlor.  It’s gotta be obvious to anyone with half a brain that it isn’t being used for it’s intended purpose.