Very interesting lecture about the Mola Mola (Giant Ocean Sunfish)

This is a very interesting and funny lecture by Dr. Tierney Thys about the Mola Mola.

By the way the TED lectures are great and they cover many topics.

you rule, very cool site. thanks.

Thanks, Dave:-)  I really enjoyed that lecture, wonderful stuff:-)

Thank you for posting this link.  This TED website has a lot of similar lectures.  I will use some in class for sure.

That biologist sure puts an end to the “boring scientist” stereotype.

High five!

I’m glad that you like it.  Neat stuff.

Absolutely fascinating-I’ve bookmarked the site and will be recommending it to my kids and a quite a few of my friends…thanks!!

If you search around on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of TedTalks.  They’re encoded really nicely with H.264, so they stream with good quality to big screen TVs.  Works great on AppleTV.

Look for David Pogue’s 2006 talk – it’s funny, he talks about technology overload. 

He talks about the difference between Microsoft and Apple’s design philosophies (the logout dialog box, for example).