VCDs? How to?

How do I play VCDs?

I’ve got Daemon to mount the images but once mounted I can’t play them…

Go on?

You have all applicable codecs?

If no, or not sure, get this:

Also, make sure you have an application that can play VCDs.

Something like this:

Windows Media Player will play them with no mounting. Just seach the vcd folders for the biggest file, i think its a .dat file and drag it on media player

  1. make sure you have all codecs you need installed, best thing is get one of those ALL IN ONE codec packs, if you cant find it, msg me back, I have a 6-in-1 pack that works good.

  2. put in your disc

  3. goto my computer, double click that disc, and goto mpeg dir, and double click the *.dat file there…if you have more than one video on it, each one will show up as a *.dat file…

  4. when it asks you what to open it with, pick media player, and check the little box that says "use this program to open this every time…

  5. it should run now…