How is it that we never see NDP signs vandalized in people’s yards around town, only Liberal signs? What is it that NDP supporters are afraid of? What do they think it will prove? “Someone took my sign out of my yard. Maybe I’ll change my vote.” Yeah right.

Maybe the kids doing it are afraid Mr Coons will send the cops to their house if they knock down any of his signs. Either that, or Belsey ran out of pizza pockets and tang at his office and the children are pissed.

Yeah he really is cheap with the Tang, isn’t he? I’ve changed my point of view. I think I’m gonna kick some sign’s ass myself.

My NDP sign was torched. Literally. Burned. In my front yard.

I spent yesterday going around town fixing NDP signs. Lots busted, moved, trashed.

What you are seeing is that the NDP people fix their signs and replace them quickly. The BC Liberals don’t, so theirs look like they are being hit the most.

I think it’s just idiot kids, though. We fixed an NDP sign at a spot yesterday where there were 8 signs, 4 NDP and 4 Liberal. All were trashed. We replaced the NDP ones, but not the Liberal ones (we didn’t have any in the truck, sorry). Now anybody driving by there will say “jee, only the Liberal ones were trashed… fricken NDP!!!” But the truth is that the Liberals just aren’t fixing their signs!

Maybe you are right. I know I live on a very NDP street. You know the silver Ram pick-up that drives around town with the huge Coons signs…my street. Arnie Nagy lives on my street to. Die hard union advocate.

I just found it odd that the morning I found my sign was gone, no one elses was touched. And this was at 7:30am I saw this. I somehow don’t think that signs are getting fixed before 7:30am on a Saturday.