Vancouver Canucks prognosticating

The Canucks have just re-signed Roberto Loungo to a 12 year contract worth 64 million. Gillis has made a move to get a little quicker and offensive on defence with the addition of Erhoff. The Canucks have lost Ohlund and a few other role players. Sundin did not do much during the regular season, but did play better in the play-offs. So,how will the Canucks do this season?

My prediction is they will go 1 round further this year than last,and get bounced out in round 3.

I predict he will follow the example of every Canuck ever signed to a long term contract and immediately turn to shit.
They won’t even make the playoffs.
Plus they’ll trade off half that glut of defensemen in March seeking goal scorers and get two more Swedes who will skate around like ballerinas passing the puck back and forth until they lose it rather than shoot it at the friggin’ goal.
Now I hope to God I’m proven 100% wrong. But like the Judge sez, I can only go by the evidence placed before me, and I got 40 years worth of evidence…

And the evidence says that Taylor Pyatt will score the very first meeting of the Coyotes and Nucks.

They are going to do fairly well. They have a very deep, balanced defence at this point, which may shallow out a bit if they decide shift some in a trade for a scoring winger. Bet on that happening. The team is in need of a scoring winger. They are also in need of some cap relief, which would help motivate Mike Gillis to make a move.

With a little more oomph in their offence, and improved foot speed on the defence, this team will win their division and get to the third round.

as a shark fan i gotta say to nuck fans: good luck with christian ERRORhoff. expect him to score lots of goals… on luongo.

When I heard sj got rid of him i was like -> :smiley: “yay”