Value, number of building permits down in Prince Rupert

The value of building permits issued by the City of Prince Rupert in the first seven months of 2010 is down by almost $13 million compared to the same time in 2009, while the number of permits has also dropped by more than 50. … 18909.html

That is more sad news I figure , does Ocean Falls ring a bell or Tumbler Ridge , it does seem like a sad state of affairs all around .

Is this really a shocker though?

Highest property taxes in BC (or nearly the highest).
Lack of employment opportunities.
Dwindling population.
Silent City Council.
City Hall dabbling in business and not focussing on infrastructure.
New bylaws constricting businesses from even “replacing” a sign with a sign of the same size…without buying a permit (for what? what did the f***ing city do to deserve money from a business when the business replaces their sign?) Same size, same mounting = need a permit.
Government’s bailing out big business while taxing the consumers, taking even more money out of the consumer’s pocket.

Apparently none of the rational leaders in power are aware that economy is in the shitter. And in Rupert, it’s especially bad.

ive been doing renos for the last year i dont think they should charge you for them . they make their money off you from your taxes that get raised anyway. rediculous system really