Valentines Day

                                  Roses are Red
                                  Violets still blue
                              bring on the chocolates
                              and some Red wine too
          Happy Valentines Day… do whatever makes ya happy… 

                                      Valentines Trivia
-Teachers receive the most cards given on Valentines Day
-approximately 1 billion cards are given
-110 milion roses bought and delivered, majority are red
-Hallmark has around 1330 different cards specifically for Valentines Day
-15 % of women buy thenselves flowers for Valentines Day
-73 % of people who buy flowers on this day are men
-35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold

  • one third of all Valentine cards are accompanied by a gift
  • about 3% of pet owners give a gift to their pet
    -the most fantastic gift given was the Taj Mahal in India. It was built by Mughal,
    Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his wife…
  • Valentines day is the largest seasonal card sending occasion of the year  :smiley:

Considering all those stats it sure was strange timing on the card shop in the mall to close up then eh, a few weeks before perhaps their biggest money maker season and before the town fills up with visitors for two big local events?

Imagine it had to do with their lease, but damn they could have left town with a lot more cash in the bank account!

  Well.if nobody else is feeling it, I am…
                        " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE "

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you for those words.

My honey took me out for breakfast…went shopping afterwards and was much amused by the up to 250% markup in rose prices. One mixed rose bouquet at Thrifty’s utterly blew me away, moreso after I saw the $60 price tag!  :unamused:

I woke up to heart shaped pancakes for breakfast

…to you all

1 more month until steak and bj day!  but im going to at least have steak today.

Happy Valentines Day all

sweet jesus… one more month… we are all awaiting, and we should be the first to know when baby jesus is born… wow… …da da

I get roses next week…I wont let my other half buy them on Vday, I say wait til they’re back to $15/dozen  :smile:

You are a very smart and thrifty person, it would be a delight to buy gifts of roses to such a logical lady…I’m assuming that you are a woman of course

dont buy roses buy cook books good for training  :imp:

I fixed the other halfs bread machine and now im eating fresh bread  :smiley: