first time poster, long time lurker and im hoping someone can help me out. just in the past few days my little town finally got highspeed internet and i’m having trouble with utorrent. when i test to see if the port is forwarded correctly i get this message - An error has occurred!

Port 13476 does not appear to be open.

i have a Motorola SB5102 modem connected directly to my pc with vista home premium and kaspersky security 8 if that helps.

did some searching but didnt really help.  when i had lousy dialup i had no problems.

Never mind i figured it out, just had to uncheck enable UPnP port mapping. thanks anyway.  :smiley:

wow lil Port Simpson has high speed internet :astonished:

i’m still in a state of shock, i thought the day would never come! finally in the 21 century. feels so good.

on utorrent the little green check mark is there telling me the network is ok but when i test to see if the port is being forwarded correctly i still get an error message. i guess as long as the green check mark symbol is there everything is fine?


Congratulations on the high speed entry to the wired world, this means you will get your htmf updates much faster now… :smiley:

thank you ThePodunkian. this site is great, gonna make more of an effort at being member of this fine board.

i find just straight bittorrent is a bit more user friendly if you have probs with utorrent
www.mininova.org has a great selection of torrents too

thanks, this is a great place to search for torrents - www.toorgle.com.

anyone want a demonoid invite? i have a couple left i think.

if you want movies or tv shows, graboid is the best, and fastest

billy, you should be banned (from here) by now.

Try BitComet, I used to use BitTorrent but I find I get alot faster downloads using BitComet. bitcomet.com/

Bah, while everyone’s recommendations on which client to use are good…

I won’t touch anything other than uTorrent & Azureas (now known as Vuze)

Oh, even though it is unlikely that somebody will pop you for Infringing copyright, I’d recommend using Peerguardian. I would use Peerguardian especially on Public Trackers.

things were fine, but now i’m getting crappy speeds. i’m not seeing that green icon its just showing a yellow triangle. any tips or ideas?

If you have a router you might wanna check its settings.

no router here, connected directley to my pc.

Try disabling windows firewall or if you have downloaded a firewall allow it to connect.

kaspersky is not blocking it, as far as i know.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that if I install any type of Firewall or Anti-Virus, they do not turn off windows firewall for me.

So, I do it myself.

this always happens to me even with Zonealarm, Comodo, or Sygate

i wonder if my isp has anything to do with this?