Using TV as monitor - tv screen does fast scroll continuosly


  I’ve hooked my computer up to my tv using an S-video cable.  The computer screen shows up on the tv - but it is scrolling so fast I can’t do anything.

I’ve changed my computer resolution to the lowest it will go, 800 x 600.

  any suggestions?

Thanks, jales4

lower your refresh rate :astonished:

Do you mean the entire desktop doesn’t fit on the TV screen, and when you move the mouse to an area you can’t see, the desktop jumps over??

My OLD 27" Samsung CRT TV worked great at 640x480 and 800x600. How big, and what type of TV is it? If I went to 1024x768 or higher, it would also jump around. I doubt a refresh rate would change anything unless its locking out lower resolutions… 640x480 would probably work if you can get it.

Ha! Good old fashioned vertical roll… haven’t seen that in a decade.
Change your refresh rate to 60, you might even need to change your screen to 640x480, or you might need to give up and use another TV.

There used to be a thing called a “Knob” on TVs to control that.

Bah, I was read your post to quick and didn’t realize exactly what was happening. Do exactly what Herbie and Astro said. Something like RivaTuner from would probably work to lower your refresh rate, surf around on that site.