Using Apple Pay

Paying for stuff with your phone is super convenient and really cool. I’m a very paranoid person when it comes to all things payment related on computers.
I read at Apple that they claim that using Apple Pay is a more secure payment method than using a physical credit card. I really like Apple Pay. Is the claim by Apple propaganda? Is Apple Pay very secure?

It’s more secure than just your card. And that’s reflected in the merchant fees associated with your card, too. The merchant actually gets more money if you use Apple Pay, because the chances of fraud are less.

When you register your card in Apple Pay, it stores a uniquely generated card # on the Secure Enclave of your phone. That’s what merchants see, not your actual card #. And that number will only work with your faceid or touchID. They can’t run that number independent of your biometrics.

I use Apple Pay for everything and have done so for years. Anywhere you can tap, you can use Apple Pay.

If you use a Mac and Safari, then you also have Apple Pay available on your computer. So like if I buy something online on my iMac, I can click “pay with Apple Pay” and it will prompt my phone to show my face. If I do the same on my MacBook Pro, it will ask for my fingerprint.

Bottom line: safer to use than your actual credit card.

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Thank you for the thorough reply, MiG. I now have a better understanding of how this works. I will continue to happily use Apple Pay. Very cool! :slight_smile: