has anybody used usenext and is it easy to use ???

Yeah I’ve heard of usenext, I personally don’t use it. so I wouldn’t know if it’s easy to use. but on subject, I’ve been wanting to learn how to downloading using Usenet :frowning: except I don’t even know where to start so yeah =

does anyone know Citywest’s Currect News server address?

You will probably not find a lot of smaller ISPs running their own news servers any longer, and if they do they probably dont carry much. Many ISP’s started outsourcing their news service to dedicated companies whose sole business is just newsgroups.

It is/was possible for an ISP to run their own, but it got to the point where it needed at least one full time person just to manage news using multiple servers.

Up until about 2001, a full news feed, while I dont recall any exact numbers, was on the order of about 40k to 50k newsgroups. That was when I sort of stopped reading newsgroups.

The binary news groups alone were many multi-GB’s per day and that was like 6-7 yrs ago. I wouldnt even guess at what it is today.

If you want news, use, they have all the original Usenet postings going back to probably the early 80’s, if not a little earlier. Usenet has been around for like 25+ yrs and there is some really good info in the old Usenet postings, historically speaking.

I just searched and found a post from 1982…

I dont know if google does binary news groups or not.

If you want binary news groups there are a few sites, Giganews, Supernews are two that I recall. Have to pay to use those though.

Hey thanks for the info  Im going to take a look

hey bandit, may you message back with your findings please?