USB to PS/2 Keyboard adapters

Ok Ive got a really nice keyboard I want to use but unfortunatly it has a USB connector on it it.

I use a KVM switch and its only got PS2 connectors on it.

Everything I seem to google only converts legacy PS2 devices to USB, not a USB device to PS2 which is what I want.

Where can I buy an adapter that will allow me to use this USB only keyboard on a PS2 connection?


USB is the new revolution.

you should be able to get them anywhere. the MS optical USB has a USB end and comes with a USB-PS2 adapter. It blows me away how many i see plugged into the adapter, into the PS2 port wagging away in offices.

if you live in rupert, i can give you one, i gotta couple

good god man! what is you avatar doing to that hood ornament? :laughing:

yeah, its a honda :smiley:

Yes I do. I would pay you for it though, but I would need to test it to make sure it works first if that is ok.

PM me and I’ll give you details.