USB & Serial Port Mouse

I am using a serial port mouse, and I am trying to switch to one of those usb mouses (mice) or what ever you call it.  lol…the ones with the red laser light at the bottom. 

I did turn off my computer b4 I made the switch, but when the computer boots up, there is no response with the mouse.  Help please…

Try and plug another piece of USB hardware into the same port, ie: digital camera and see if that works.
If it doesn’t try another USB port.
You don’t have to turn the computer on and off to plug into a USB port. The operating system usually recognizes the new hardware.

Sweet…thanks for the help…tizz working now.


A guy came in looking for an external floppy today. His new mouse came with a floppy and his laptop didn’t have one…

I have an eight-inch floppy. Will that help?  :imp: