Usb recognizes Peripherals but not recognizing usb hubs

I turned on my computer the other day and everything that is hooked up to usb hub is not recognized, it works on all other computers in house. so its not broken. any usb  Peripherals that are plugged in is recognized, in the same port,  I gone into devices and deleted everything and rebooted only to have the same problem everything did work a few days ago…

usb 2 device, usb port 2 usb 2 hubs

I have also tried other usb hubs


Try unplugging (and leaving it unpluged) the external power source for the hub.

did that too, me thinking its a software issue with xp,

found this but have no clue on if this is my problem or how to fix.

[quote]> > Dear all,

To be able to detect USB devices after system startup one has to compile
"device ehci" into kernel along with “device ohci” or “device uhci”.
Actually it may work without EHCI for a while (as it was with me), but
further there is no guarantee.

There is no string “device ehci” even in GENERIC kernel, so I guess one
should be kept aware of turning this feature on either by some notice or by
including that string into GENERIC configuration file in future releases.

The reason for not having “device ehci” in GENERIC was something about missing
support for USB2.0 HUBs. When one has got a USB2.0 HUB and “device ehci” in
the kernel config file, then the HUB will probe as USB2.0, which is not
supported for HUBs, else USB1.x. So maybe your problem is a reason to push
support for USB2.0 HUBs?

ehci shouldn’t be required to get low/full speed support.
The compatibilty with systems ignoring the ehci part is part of the
ehci specs.
If you are seeing problems without then it’s more likely that your BIOS
has activated the ehci controller without us to know so that the uhci
controllers wait for the ehci to hand over newly attached devices.
Your BIOS shouldn’t break USB 1.1 fallback support.[/quote]

nm i re installed the motherboard drivers everything ok