US Race

My Dad is 83 and he’s convinced that Obama is going to win in November.  I’m trying very hard not to get my hopes up.  I sincerely hope MyCain is not the President.

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I Agree; but the race issue in the states is still bad, how long would he stay President  before an attempt is made on his life?..

Agreed.  The race issue is something I don’t want to think about.  It is the unspoken issue in American politics.  Daily polls are fascinating.  But, will America vote for a charismatic African-American on November 4, 2008?  We are totally screwed if MyCain is voted into office imho.

Not long if the nut jobs start believing
the hate-mongering and racism coming from  Palin and McCain:
“he doesn’t share our culture or values …”
“he cavorts with known anti-american violent terrorists” … that he is not only the lesser candidate, but outright dangerous for this country" …
And Cindy McCain: “Obama is radical, dangerous, and culturally separated from mainstream America”

I bet Obama’s security detail is asking for a pay raise about now.

I’ve already posted this to my blog, but for those that don’t travel that far down the front page of htmf, here’s an interesting look at the evolution of John McCain’s campaign…