US Military now available to Canadian Authorities for Civil Emergencies

Has anyone read or seen much about the agreement between Canada and the US to use each other’s military in the case of Civil Emergencies? What are your opinions on it? … 2a1d14879d

Harper’s bullshit move “Scratch my back and I will scratch your back, Obama Sir”. I do not like the thought of having any US agency, having any form of liberty on our soil. It is scary shit when you think of it.

Welcome to the USA… but you know anyone who saw this coming and spoke up was shot down as a conspiracy theorist/whack job.

Don’t forget a tinfoil hat wearer…



Worry if you see Dick Cheney joining the board of Enbridge.

Worry if you see Dick walking across a field towards you carrying a shotgun.  :smiley:

He’ll probably shoot himself in the foot and you’ll get blamed for it