Up up up goes the gas prices

Well nice to see Petro Can beat the rush to moving the price of gas up again…

They just posted 102.9 on the fancy new sign the got, (complete with room for three digits now).

When I last was downtown this morning everybody else was still at 96.9 as was the place out in the Industrial Park…

Sheesh, wasn’t it just last week that it was at 90.9 for a few minutes, how you can go up twelve cents is beyond me. Best go check CNN and see if the Middle East blew up or something…

It was all over the news that some refinery in Ontario is down and stations there are closing for lack of gas to sell and are rationing it.

How that affects the price here at the pumps is beyond me. Why should a refinery being broken there affect the price here?

But I did get in a fill up at 90.6 the other day…yay me!

Just imagine what the prices are  going to be this summer! I think It’ll be bikes and canoes for me!

I don’t know what it is with Petro Can.  Last week for a couple of days it was 89.9 when everyone else was 96.9.

Usually with them, they jack the price up on the sign overnight, and then the next day it’s back down to normal.  Not sure if they are getting fed bad info, or if they are trying to start a gas war, in reverse.  “Oh yeah?  Well our gas is 6 cents MORE than them!”

Hell, last week the price was 2 cents different between Esso and Chevron.  I had to go to Chevron because there were no spots open at Esso.  It was the company truck anyhow, but still.

I’m just happy I don’t have to fill my diesel tanks with Husky crappy diesel - yay for Petro Can.

As far as fuel prices go - at least I can still get 1000km’s to a tank - gas prices would have to get might low before they could compete with that - for now. :wink:

So I’ll admit I know nothing about diesel engines and such, but I note on the gasbuddy site that the price of diesel is retailing at 105.9 which is three cents more. Now I gather with the larger tanks that the trucks have you might be getting better mileage and such, but judging by the amount of time each morning my neighbours spend running their diesels before they head out, I’m not sure that the savings are actually there, but I could be wrong on that I gues… :unamused:

1000kms to a tank sounds like a VW or something to me, not a truck.

Unless you strap some wheels and some seats to an industrial size gas tank!

With 45 minute lunch breaks at work, to drive home I have to make like Andretti.  Lately I’m lucky to get 500km to the $45 tank in the BMW.  If only I had hour long breaks I could drive like a semi-normal person and ease off the gas.

HEMI  sniffle HEMI  :cry:

We’ll in Grande Prairie right now its now 91.9… but all places have a free minus 3.5 cents. so its like 88.4 - but i love shopin at safeway cause spend 35$ in safeway… get a 7 cent discount at the safeway gas station… :stuck_out_tongue: if ruperts safeway was to open one of the gas stations there. wow, put many people outta buisness… yep!

Yes you are correct - excuse the plural on “tanks” - we have two diesel VWs and being the wife I claim them both as my own. 

Rupert’s Safeway gives us coupons for the cheaper gas, but we’d have to go all the way to Terrace for it.

  1. Move closer to work
  2. Get rid of the gas guzzler
  3. Walk to work or …


I cant complain i spend ~200 bucks/mo on gas and drive a lot. The talon isnt too easy on gas though only about 500-600K to a tank highway, probably better if that gas pedal was a little lighter.

I can attest to that - my husband got his car and I thought it was zoom zoom city (2002 VW Golf - 100hp lol).  Picture the sunny Saturday on the August long weekend - I’m driving back from a shopping day in PG to Mackenzie…come upon a nice little uphill straight stretch with a passing lane…so I think to myself - let’s see what this “little diesel” can do.  And I floored it.


Of course - long weekend, cops abound.  Oh, but I was invincible.  I had a radar detector.  I went flying by a little clearing on the left and the detector went off the charts.  I yell “Oh $#%$” in the car and slam on the brakes.  When I finally have the time to look at the speedometer…well, it was at 150kph and falling fast.  Still not in the “clear” zone.  As I pull over and whip down the detector and throw it under the seat (they weren’t illegal then, but cops like to give you a hard time about them - not sure if they are still illegal?).  Cops arrives at my window. 

“So, life or death situation?”


“Saw me at the last second there, eh?”

“Haha…yeah, the sun glinted off the white car”

“Any idea how fast you were going?”

And I’m thinking in my head - when the detector went off or when you got a steady speed? But I said “way too fast”

“Yup - I’ll be right back”

I got an excessive speeding ticket that day - $345.  I was doing 180 and climbing before the detector went off - all in a 100hp diesel car.  Would I do it again?  You bet - but only on a closed road

Since then I’ve learned to “smart speed”.  No flying around corners, if it looks “too straight to be true” it probably is…and - you have a better chance of getting away with speeding on the highway at night.  Of course - then you have to watch for animals - either way - I’m not advocating speeding, but I’m not saying I’ll slow down, either.  smirk

Wow this turned into an off topic rant.  Sorry all  :unamused:

It seems like they use any and every excuse to raise the price. When called on it they just shrug and point to the latest one. Meanwhile their profits never seem to suffer when they announce record ones year after year.

I swear to god I’m getting a scooter…lol


There is no competition in the refining and wholesaling of gasoline in many Canadian markets.

Since a lot of retailers sell on consignment, or can only buy from one wholesaler, they have no control of prices.

This is the one truth they don’t want you to know.  When there is competition at the refining and wholesale level, there isn’t a problem.  Prices are as low as the market demands.  This was the case in parts of Ontario last summer, for example, where retailers could buy from more than one source.

Here the price jumped up 10 cents yesterday morning.  There is a provincial commission that sets the price and reviews it every two weeks.  There was already a changed last Thursday ( price went up 4 cents) so it should have happened next Thursday, not yesterday.  Whatever reason was given is total bs.  The only reason is that today is the start of March break here and people are traveling more.  Anticipated demand!  That’s it.

I can attest to that - my husband got his car and I thought it was zoom zoom city (2002 VW Golf - 100hp lol). [/quote]

It’s actually 90, but you get 155 lb-ft of torque which is more fun, IMO.
Kind of like my car, 121hp and 170 lb-ft of torque.