Up In Terrace Today

Nice to be up here for a day trip …Decent Shopping Mall ,clean bathrooms with no "kill all white people " grafetti on the toilet stalls, better restaurants ,no crater sized potholes in the downtown roads or empty buildings on the main strip with broken windows.To bad Rupert could not fix it it’s downtown core a bit more .

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You should move there cause we got enough complainers here.

Hey I’m just stating facts ,I don’t hate Rupert at all , just needs some cleaning up ,like fixing up McBride ,which I see is happening ,city should make the owners of the old Dairy Queen building replace windows and at least paint the front and the old capital should be cleaned up too .

You need a new hobby. Spending hours playing King of the Mall Washroom everyday isn’t healthy for you.

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Hate to say this you can not force business owners to clean up their buildings unless there is a danger to the general public, if the city wants buildings looking good maybe they should institute some sort of program, ie: hire students to go around and cleaning or painting store fronts, with the city paying 50% and the business owners paying 50%

Look how good PaintRupert was, and that was without city money


Better restaurants in Terrace? Where?
Hot House was okay, be interested in any others.

Restaurants are not better in terrace…unless you like fast food garbage.

Terrace certainly has better amenities and better shopping…but it in no way comes close to beating Rupert when it comes to restaurant quality.

One of the reasons we’re gonna sneak to Rupert and not tell the kids until we come back through Terrace.
Sick of grandkids Pizza Hut crap and 30 something chicken wings = food scene.