Unlock Samsung Phone Question

I want to unlock a prepaid Samsung phone. Is there any easy way to do this? Any free way?

I see lots of sites that offer this service by selecting your model and entering the IMEI number. They range from $6.99 to $50.00 for there service. Can anyone recommend to use any of these?

Thanks in advance…

For those who wan’t to know the outcome I managed to get a code from cellunlocker dot net as recommended by an HTMF’er in a PM. It wasn’t the cheapest out there but I did try another company for less and they had no luck. Hopefully the cheaper company refunds me as promised in there advertisements.

Anyways, got great deal on a new phone and now have a great plan on Speakout.

How much did you pay to unlock it?

Which network was the phone originally locked to? Did you try calling the company before a third-party unlock place?

I’ve successfully unlocked Telus and T-Mobile phones by just calling them up and asking.

Hi Mig,

I paid $32.00 at the end of the day for the unlock service. Koodo, the network it was hooked to wanted $50.00.

The phone I purchased was listed from $200 to $250 and I got it from a Koodo Koisk for $150.00. Still a good deal.I thought of staying with Koodo but I wanted to use up a Speakout credit and stay with Rogers cell towers for Prince Rupert coverage.

Maybe as of December 2nd (CRTC new rules?) or sooner Koodo may remove there fee?

Excellent, great deal.

Does a Koodoo-locked phone work with normal Telus SIMs, do you know?

Not sure Mig, never had an interest in trying. Koodo is owned by Telus, so a person might think it would work?

Will a Fido-locked phone work with a Rogers sim card?

No, Fido isn’t the same network ID as Rogers. Probably because it was around for a while before Rogers bought it. So Fido SIMs and Rogers SIMs aren’t interchangeable.

But Speakout / PetroCanada (and a few others) are essentially Rogers SIMs, which is why they work in Rogers-locked phones.

I’m gonna get a Koodoo SIM and try it in a Telus-locked phone.

Ok, so I just unlocked a Telus iPhone. Much easier than expected. Just dialled 611 and asked them to unlock. I told them I was going to the USA next week and wanted to use a local SIM.

Literally took 2 minutes, and it was unlocked. No charge.

Holy crap, when did Telus become so awesome?