UNBC Alumni Party in Prince Rupert

Hello Everyone

This is an open invitation to graduates of all fields from the University of Northern British Columbia to attend an Alumni Party, Monday night, June 8th.

The party is at Rain Dinning Lounge at 7pm, with food included.  The new President, UNBC President-Elect Dr. George Iwama will also be on hand.  

As this is the first time an Alumni event has been held outside of Prince George we are looking to have a good turnout.  Your spouse/guest is also invited.

Invites have gone out to those people who left Rupert addresses with the alumni association, but all UNBC graduates are welcome and encourged.  If anyone knows graduates who have come from outside the community please pass on this message.

If coming, please RSVP alumni@unbc.ca, or feel free to private message me, preferably by Monday at noon.