UN Meeting in Paris

Members of the UN are meeting in Paris to decide how to intervene and protect civilians in Libya.

Harper joins world leaders to discuss actions against Gadhafi

[quote]The UK, the US and France have begun attacking Libya as enforcement of the UN-mandated no-fly zone gets under way.

More than 110 missiles have been fired by the UK and US, officials at the Pentagon say.

Earlier, forces loyal to Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi attacked the rebel stronghold of Benghazi despite declaring a ceasefire a day earlier.

Western planes bombed targets in the capital, Tripoli, said the AFP news agency, quoting witnesses and state TV. [/quote]

Libya: Coalition launches attacks from air and sea

[quote]PARIS—Canada is at war to protect innocent Libyan civilians, and there are no guarantees that they — or Canadian military personnel — can avoid getting hurt, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Saturday.

Harper offered that frank assessment of the road ahead in the ravaged North African country, as Canada and its allies endorsed immediate international military action to stop Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from attacking civilians and rebel forces in his country.

“We should not kid ourselves. Whenever we engage in military action — essentially acts of war — these are difficult situations,” Harper said at the end of an emergency summit, hastily convened in Paris to deal with the crisis.

“And we will have to monitor this very closely and be very careful what we do every step of the way.”[/quote]

Risks inherent in helping protect Libyans in conflict, Harper says

Obama, Billary, and Harper are sounding exactly like Georgie Bush when he had his go round. I didn’t swallow it the first time. This time I’m choking on it.

Can I get a show of hands that believe we are actually “at war to protect innocent Libyan civilians” ? Does anyone really believe this horseshit ? If Libya didn’t have oil (the largest oil reserves on the African Continent) do you think we would be “at war to protect innocent Libyan civilians”? I guess now we know why we will be needing these new jets; Canada’s new mission “to rid the world of tyranny and install democracies across the globe”. We can do this we have smart bombs!!!

Agreed!! I also find this disturbing. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been slaughtered in other countries in Africa and the World does nothing about it.