Uh Oh

I ate some hamburgers that weren’t cooked very well, and now I can’t stop pooping!

I can’t believe 26 people have viewed this with no comment.  What’s the world coming to?

I really didn’t know how to respond.

Sounds like a pretty shitty situation to me  :laughing:

I’m pretty dissapointed too

If you can crap through the eye of a needle at forty paces, then it’s bad.

Burn baby Burn.  Does your crap have corn in it?

That was what was going to happen to me before my uncle ripped the burger out of my hand, grabbed the pattie and put it back on the barbie. Good thing I didn’t eat that much of it…

You could be the Peter North of shitting!


bunch of intellectuals arent we???

i love you canadians…your so funny…and blunt

Sexy too. 

evertime i have mad shits that johnny cash song “ring of fire” goes through my mind.

“and it burns, burns, burns… that ring of fire, that ring of fire”

oh yeah…forgot about that one

BTW, Buck … I like your avatar. It IS a burning bush isn’t it?  :smiley: