Ugrading server

I want to upgrade my server to new components, I have a 4.23 mysql and I want to upgrade to 5 MySQL database with out losing everything,

So I guess the first step would be to dump the database into a SQL file uninstall older server install new server then upload SQL file back.

I have never done this and I’m worried of loosing everything. I have other people’s WebPages on my server so I really don’t want to f&ck it up

Can I use this command.
mysqldump --user=root --password=xxx --compatible=mysql40 devside > devside.sql

or can I from PHPmyadmin use the export tab, select all ( all Databases) highlight SQL then save has file.

Windows …?  Linux ?

And um …  why do you want to . Is there any thing wrong with it now ? If not Leave it alone :smiley:

Why would updating MySQL wreck the databases?
Why go to 5 if everything works? I’d leave it alone too. Every couple years I’ll make a whole new server with all the latest php, mySQL, apache etc. then move everything over and test it on another IP before cutting it over.

BINGO!!!  exactly what should be done.