UFO Sighting Near Terrace, July 21st

This is very cool, MiG! Do you have any background information that you can share?

Might be a case of flying lanterns.

I love that guy with his weird-ass hair. :smile: I thoroughly enjoy a variety of shows on the Discovery Network where he is featured.

I couldn’t tell from the sound in the video (crappy laptop speakers) were these orbs making sound? Could they have been the afterburners of jets?

If they were jets on afterburners under the clouds, they’d be going a lot faster, and you’d see a big bright trail of fire behind them.

They are Chinese lanterns for sure. My 3-year old took one look at the video and figured it out. Just like on “Tangled.” hehe. Search for “chinese lanterns” on youtube for more examples.

Meanwhile, one of the people who lit them and released them actually posted on youtube and one of the other forums. It was at a party at the lake last week. Not a very smart thing to do, if you ask me. The woods are pretty dry, and that’s a great way to start a fire.

So I guess not UFO’s anymore. IFOs?

Wow, I didn’t realize those lanterns could be that bright!


So I guess not UFO’s anymore. IFOs?[/quote]

That makes sense. Damn. I am a complete sucker for this kind of stuff. :smile:


Good one! LMAO. :smile: I believe your video requires a classic rebuttal.

We used to make huge ones from dry-cleaner bags and bamboo back in the 60s. I didn’t hear of anyone launching them again until this July 1st when dozens went aloft here in the Fort.
What goes around comes around?