Typical Halloween here

OMG it’s already setting up to be a typical Halloween in the Fort. 9 years out of 10 it’s
a) the first REALLY COLD day of the year
b) the first huge snowdump
c) so foggy you can’t see three feet

Not even noon and the wind is screaming at about 60kmh and it’s the coldest wind since last winter. Toque and thick coat even to step out for a smoke. People in the mall here are sitting in their cars even to light one!

Friday we had a screaming wind with hail and dust devils racing thru the parking lot. Someone joked “WTF is with this weather, we’re not even having a Fishing Derby or Music Festival” … a joke you pretty much have to live here to get. Like watching Canada fireworks fizzle from inside your car, as the wipers blow off every gust…

Hope the worst the kids there get is a little rain…

Pretty good Halloween here in Prince Rupert so far. The weather is very favourable for the children tonight, there is no rain or wind. In the Pineridge area there is a steady stream of ghosts and ghouls. I will be cleaned out pretty quick I think. :smile:

We’ve had two trick and treaters so far. I guess they’re too lazy to walk up our big hill. :stuck_out_tongue:

I put the smarties on the top of the bowl… I don’t like smarties. YAY I get the rest of the good candy. :stuck_out_tongue:

In spite of the weather we’ve got over 50 so far. They’re all opening their parkas to show their costumes and it’s cute how the little ones can’t open their candy bags for you with snowmobile gloves on… must’ve spent 15 minutes untangling the bags.
Trick or treat small my feet, but you don’t have to… I don’t know why I’m supposed to say that…

The fireworks seemed shorter than they usually are. And there seems to be quite a bit more fireworks coming from houses and such. More than I remember in the last few years anyhow. The police will be busy tonight that’s for sure.

well… 5th ave east… 5:30pm 6kids…6:30ish another 6 kids…7pm…two little princesses…7:15 two teenagers who said nothing to me, opened their pillow case and took off… I bellowed at them " your welcome, have a good night"…errrr

I noticed that as well last night. I had quite a few teenagers and young adults who held open their bags and said nothing. A bit odd.

Very quiet Halloween in my area … except for some sound from the fireworks, one would of never known it was halloween…

We only had 12 kids at our door this year down about 30 from last year, and I have to agree about the fireworks not as long as they usually are. The dog and I went out and watched…she enjoys them. One good thing is that the weather was decent, last year they had to cancel the fireworks.

Pretty busy where I was…well over 150 kids for sure…and there also seemed to be way more independant fireworks shows this year, they were going off all over town between 5 and 8…I had a great view.

just curious… what area?


just curious… what area?[/quote]

Conrad/PRB/Silversides/Eagle area, my parents in the 1200 to 1800 block of 7th Ave East also had a TON of kids

We had LOTS of kids early on! I ran out and bought more candy at about 6:30. Then the crowd died down and we didn’t make it through the new candy. Oh well.

You could send them to my place. Every year, same thing, I buy a couple bags of premo treats. Only to have eight kids show up, and I end up taking the leftovers to work the next day.