Two Hours

Heh-heh, situation normal over here in the Pineridge area.  We got cleaned out of our Halloween candy in two hours.  Perfect weather for the kids tonight.
We’re going to head out in an hour for the fireworks.  :smiley:

Over on our side of the Podunkian universe it’s been slower than usual, surprisingly so, figured it being a Saturday we’d have them hammering on the door at 4, instead we didn’t get our first caller until 545 and it’s been sporadic all night, go figure,  gonna have to develop a liking for chocolate bars i guess… :smiley: :imp:

OMG the last 2 were like 9 or 10 and Mommy walked them right to the door.
Have some gummy things, I’m all out of fucking LSD and razor blades
What’s with the puny plastic pumpkin baskets, Ma? Where’s the pillowcase? You tryin’ to raise unambitious underachieving little pussies?

Yeee Halloween’s got so lame…

my east side area had early birds and finished by 7:30, now the fireworks are over will we get more goblins and ghouls 'cos we fall back tonight and they could stay out an extra hour tonight?

hahahaha, my first post and IT WORKED - you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!

Well it’s over and done.
About 1/3 the kids of last year.
Goddam Community organizers and their party at the school.
Hope the clown didn’t scare them and the kids like their handful of apples, toothbrushes and peanut-free diabetic candy.

You know that old-fashioned Halloween was an important life lesson and social skill in a functioning democratic free-enterprise society?
a) You want something, you get off your ass and go GET IT.
b) If the parties who are supposed to give, don’t; you RAISE FUCKING SHIT.
c) There are risks involved. Deal with it.

What drives me crazy are the people who knock on your door and they’re holding out two bags for you to fill.
"Oh, this bag is for my Sister who can’t make it over here."
We went through 4 large bowls of candy, somewhere between 100-200 people.  A good time was had by all.  :smiley:

The joys of living on a dead end street…7 kids not including the grandkids.  Lots of chocolate left over, should be good for 5 or 10 pounds on the gut!

We had about 20 kids.

I agree, Halloween has become a wimpy holiday. Too many prissy parents who are afraid of everything when it comes to their kids.

There’s no such thing as too much friggen candy, let them go to more houses. :stuck_out_tongue:

when we went around i dont bother wth ones where there is no lights on and not decorated. mostly go to family and friends houses they love seeing them in costumes anyway

Ha-ha, I brought in our pumpkin last night before the local terrorists could strike.  Our streets are littered with shattered pumpkins.  :smiley:

my 2 were missing by 8 lol

I know my Little Circle was dead. We only had 5 family and 2 people that were not family! hahah. Next year gonna do like a personal “haunted house” should be wicked  :imp: Have 340 days to plan

RU starting 2 weeks early as I thought you would have 364 days til the next choco- fest?  :smiley:  If I come over 2 weeks before Halloween, do I get first dibs on the best chocolate or will you not answer the door?  LOL

Well you better send me some damn pumpkin pie then!

Okay…coming by FedEx tomorrow…it may cool off some.  :smile:

LOL, Two weeks early MAY be to early (misread the post first time), Last year we had kids come from school still caring there books and a plastic bag in hand! hahahah, My cousin’s tried before Halloween to get extra trick or treating in one year, and I told them that doesn’t count. don’t think they were to impressed hahahah.