Two Accidents on the highway

Didn’t see this posted anywhere, but there was an accident just before Rainbow Summit (on the Rupert side).  A semi lost control and tipped on its side and then went down in the ditch, alot of its cargo spilt out (fish/seafood product).

Their is a big crew out there right now doing cleanup on the highway.

No idea if anyone was injured.

There was also another accident after the summit, a car was being carried on a flat bed truck to rupert.  It looked pretty beaten up.

Hopefully there were no serious injuries.

Passed the semi on the way back from Terrace, and later passed the ambulance which didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

well i know about the semi!!!The driver has a broken arm so he’s ok !!!What a mess of fish olly!!We went out the at midnight to bring the felleas some coffee and pizza and to check it out!!they are all cleaned now.The car on the other side i don’t know about.

seen a brand new nissan frontier totally wrecked sitting in rupert towings yard  looks prety bad

Sure hope the person or peoplefrom the car is okay. Wonder when this will make the news. Anyone know if they were from rupert or elsewhere?

It couldn’t have been very serious. I would have had at least one “RIP” status on my facebook if it was… We’d know by now if someone from town went.